Climate & Energy Dialogues

Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation, is a dialogue initiative co-convened by the International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding, in collaboration with Citizens’ Climate Education. This series of high-level dialogues brings together select action-focused leaders to small work-oriented discussions (under the Chatham House Rule) to challenge the limits of past thinking, call on personal and sectoral experiences and creativity, and outline accelerated pathways for effective action on climate and energy, following on from the Paris Agreement.

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High-Seas Treaty Dialogues

The High Seas Treaty Dialogues are bringing together government representatives and other stakeholders to make concrete progress toward the adoption of a High Seas Treaty during the intersessional negotiation period between the 3rd (IGC3 – August 2019) and possible final 4th negotiation session (IGC4 – to be determined) of the Intergovernmental Conference on Marine Biodiversity of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction. These Track 1.5 dialogues may continue as platform for implementation after the treaty’s adoption. A ‘Track 1.5’ dialogue is designed in this context as an informal convening space primarily for Member State BBNJ delegates, along with select experts from UN agencies, international, regional and sectoral organizations and bodies and civil society.

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Secure Food Future Dialogues

Right now, the prevailing structure of the American food system is not designed to benefit, protect, or reward farmers. Overcoming the challenges farmers face in transitioning to these healthier practices will allow them to not only build resilience on the land, but also to expand the value of their own operations, and secure a better livelihood. ICDP is launching a series of Secure Food Future Dialogues, to give farmers a voice and to foster better faster design and implementation of a food system that works for everyone.

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