High-Level Climate Dialogues

Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation, is a dialogue initiative co-convened by the International Center for Dialogue and Peacebuilding, Citizens’ Climate Education, with technical support from the Geoversiv Foundation. This series of high-level dialogues brings together select action-focused leaders to small work-oriented (Chatham House) discussions to challenge the limits of past thinking, call on personal and sectoral experiences and creativity, and outline accelerated pathways for effective action on climate and energy, following on from the Paris Agreement.

Upcoming Dialogue

Toward Economy-Wide Resilience Intelligence

Building on December’s post-Summit Working Dialogue on Resilience Intel, we are convening a high-level working dialogue, the week of the Spring Meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, to focus on action steps for tracking and reporting economy-wide resilience intelligence. Participants will discuss:

  • technical challenges and solutions for establishing the climate-smart finance aggregator,
  • how to achieve a coherent, yet evolving core methodology able to adapt to critical innovations and to new market dynamics,
  • what indicators finance ministries can use to track unaccounted macro-critical value across their home-market economies, and
  • next steps for integrating and mapping both high-level and community-level resilience intelligence indicators.

Dialogues To Date

  1. October 2015, Minneapolis — The Climate Action Opportunity
  2. December 2015, Paris — Business Model Change and the Carbon Delta
  3. April 2016, Washington — Assessing the Carbon Pricing Value Chain
  4. May 2016, Oslo — Evolving a Climate-Smart Financial Sector
  5. June 2016, Minneapolis — Macro-critical Climate Resilience
  6. September 2016, New York — Climate, Peace and Security in the SDGs
  7. October 2016, Washington — Carbon Pricing as the Foundation for Future Business and Community Value
  8. November 2016, Marrakech — Accelerating NDC Action
  9. April 2017, Washington — Building Fiscal Resilience
  10. December 2017, Paris — Working Dialogue on Resilience Intel
  11. April 2018, Washington — Toward Economy-wide Resilience Intelligence

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