Får fredsprisen for en avtale som sikrer utsatte grupper

Gina Torry Kvinners og minoriteters rettigheter er spesielt vektlagt i fredsavtalen i Colombia. I motsetning til sine forgjengere har den colombianske presidenten Juan Manuel Santos forstått at en ubøyelig militær tilnærming, der vinneren tar alt, ikke ville føre frem. Resultatene fra de årene colombianske myndighetene har ført en «tøff militær politikk», er væpnede konflikter, overgrep [...]

A Nobel Peace Prize for Inclusive, Negotiated Peace over Military Might

by Gina Torry Unlike his predecessors, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos figured out that a winner take all, hardline, military approach would not win the war. Years of ‘military toughness’ by the Colombian government resulted in years of armed conflict, mass atrocities, horrendous human rights abuses, and a large proportion of the population living at [...]

Minneapolis 2015: A Convenient Opportunity to Act on Climate

Minneapolis, 10 November 2015 — On October 26th, the second day of the Minneapolis conference, climate experts and business leaders joined a high-level dialogue — convened by Partnership for Change and Citizens’ Climate Education — to focus on how to accelerate development and deployment of low-carbon technologies and climate-smart business practices. The dialogue was co-chaired by Marilyn Carlson Nelson and former United States Vice President Walter Mondale.