Secure Food Future Dialogues for Farmers

ICDP is launching a series of Secure Food Future Dialogues, to give farmers that voice and to foster better faster design and implementation of a food system that works for everyone.

1 in 8 Minnesotans (and 1 in 5 children) are facing hunger right now. It is estimated that as many as 125 million Americans (38%) will experience food insecurity in 2020. Feeding America estimates the US will experience a shortfall of 8 billion meals at food banks by June 2021. This is not just the impact of the coronavirus pandemic and related closures and disruptions. There are basic structural problems with our food system.

Overcoming the challenges farmers face in transitioning to healthy sustainable practices will allow them to not only build resilience on the land, but also to expand the value of their own operations, and secure a better livelihood.

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